Mind’s Eye



Based off Original built in 2015

16” x 16”

From inside to out, woods are; Yellow cedar burl, aromatic cedar, black locust, yellow cedar, west coast maple, cedar, yew, padauk, black walnut.

Using thinner stock than the original, we are able to program a laser cnc machine to cut out the wood. These pieces then go through our same extensive shaping and sanding process which finishes with a fine sanding to leave the wood smooth and rich in colour. Different layers of thin plywood are used as backing to create the depth to the artwork. The final assembly is the done and the work is then clear coated with a non­toxic hardwax oil to keep this piece lasting for years to come! No stains are used at all in the making of these intarsia woodworks, they are 100% natural wood colours! Bring some wood vibes into your space with one of these high quality reproduced originals!


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