Moon Phases - Kyle Vibes

First solo piece by Kyle Vibes.
Now hanging at a friend’s farm in Costa Rica.
Western Red Cedar, Eastern Maple, Black Walnut.

Seed - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
do it yourself kit (flower of life) - Christopher James Boux (OPEN)
metatrons vision - Christopher James Boux (OPEN)
Home - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Teacher - Kyle Vibes
Knot Fir Sale - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf), Brad Rhadwood (Wood Whisperer), Christopher James Boux (OPEN), Kyle Vibes
Cosmos - Christopher James Boux (OPEN), Kyle Vibes
Mr. B - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf), Kyle Vibes, Christopher James Boux (OPEN)

Tribe Collaboration piece for Wayward Distillery in Comox Valley.
5.5ft x 3.5ft
Natural wood colours, no stains.

Lalu Baloo Protector Of The Friendship Forest - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf), Christopher James Boux (OPEN)
Cedar Droplet - Kyle Vibes

Cedar Droplet. I tried to emulate the 3d effect of a water droplet splashing into water. Made from all Western Red Cedar.

Chicken of the Sea - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf), Kyle Vibes

A commision piece, we co-designed this halibut, and love how it turned out!

Queen Of The Sun - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Elfin Star 3 - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Paparuy - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
- Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)