Cosmos - Christopher James Boux, Kyle Vibes
Rainbow Warrior - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Rites Of Passage - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Cog-native - Christopher James Boux

co-creater/designer – Jordan Moon

Paparuy - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Elfin Star 3 - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
metatrons vision - Christopher James Boux
Joy v2 - Kyle Vibes

Commission piece. Made for a friend, to hang in the “Hummingbird House” on Winged Heart Farm – Saltspring Island.

trine - Christopher James Boux
Spiritus - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf), Kyle Vibes

This piece was our first “Wood Remix” of another artist’s work. We used the painting “Jungle Spiritus” by Mokii Glyphix as the basis for this design. Mokii’s abstract flowing style was a pleasure to translate into wood, and we had fun bringing it to life in 3d. Thanks Mokii for sharing your art in this…

Teacher - Kyle Vibes
Luna - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Rising From the Ashes - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
totemico - Christopher James Boux
Lalu Baloo Protector Of The Friendship Forest - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf), Christopher James Boux
Star-Key - Kyle Vibes

Western Red Cedar, Black Walnut, and Red Oak. A Yellow Cedar border and a Yellow Cedar Burl Centre.