- Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
- Kyle Vibes

‘Wisdom Guardian’ – 35 different woods – All natural colours no stains
Re-work of a Chris Dyer mural at CoSM ‘Wisdom Path Guardian’ – Original mural destroyed by lightning

To’rrun - Kain MacCollum
totemico - Christopher James Boux
Returning OM - Kyle Vibes

‘Returning OM’ –

I love this symbol, both in form and for what it represents. I treated it with reverence while crafting it into the physical realm – and held it’s sonic resonance in my mind through much of the process. (at times harmonized with loud tools 😉 )
Much love and much respect to the cultures that originated and continue to share this powerful symbol with the world.

May this portrayal help to bring more peace and grounding to those who view it – and serve as another reminder of the True connection of our inner self to the greater ultimate reality of which we are all a part.

– Crafted from 25 unique woods – All natural wood colors, no stains –

trine - Christopher James Boux
Lalu Baloo Protector Of The Friendship Forest - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf), Christopher James Boux
Cosmos - Christopher James Boux, Kyle Vibes
Rites Of Passage - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Luna - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Paparuy - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
Opening - Andy WoodSmith (Wood Elf)
the watcher - Christopher James Boux

Asteroidias Hexactis, aka ‘the watcher’ …is a 3 month, 400 hour project that brings to life ancient wisdom through symbols that can connect us. shifting our perspective, can we better understand a situation, people or ourselves? mandalas can have a powerful presence in a room, and the watcher is a 4 feet diameter holder of…