Christopher James Boux

As a child, Christopher had a passion for crafting and drawing. Woodcraft has been flowing in his blood since 13, where he was first amazed in shop class at the things that could be crafting with wood. He wanted to try everything from furniture to toy models, scroll saw art and hand crafted pipes. at the time though, it seemed that furniture was the only viable direction of these passions for a career. So, Dropping the ‘art’ focus of his childhood dreams to embody the societal expectations of a wood worker, he further educated himself in college and entered the work force. It took almost 15 years to realize that working in the system of cookie cutter homes and manufactured furniture was depleting his mojo. He wanted to take more time, get more into the details, and make something that was different, embodied spirit, something that could let his true self shine fully. that all became a reality when he started wood vibe tribe with Andy Woodsmith and Brad Rhadwood.

Brad was hoping from festival to festival selling his wood whispered wood prints. they were derpy, weird and totally knots! Brad told Christopher he was always on the lookout to meet other wood inspired artist and referred to them informally as ‘the wood vibe tribe’. That was a spark that set Christopher off with a simple realization inside. that he WAS a part of the wood vibe tribe, just unrealized in the way he wanted to unfold.

At the same time as this new found renewal in wood art happened, Christopher was astonished with the progress his friend Andy had made in only one year as a woodworker, at the time calling himself a wood elf. Andy’s work so reminded Christopher of his early fascination with woodwork and a clarity in how to unearth his childlike wonder, the art side of his wood study, landed. Andy had always admired Christopher’s skills in the trade and they quickly realized the potential in joining forces. They started refining their intarsia process, and with the help of their apprentices, have arrived at the work your seeing today in 2021. the journey is still unfolding, and the transformational wood art the tribe is creating, is totally unique.

“we are all artists here on this earth, open to your highest self…what will you create when you merge with that space?”~christopher james boux

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