cat chapel

Artist(s): Adam Szoke, Christopher James Boux, Brad Rhadwood (Wood Whisperer)

the cat chapel at ozora festival 2018!

what an amazing opportunity to be welcomed as international artists to Hungary! Christopher and Adam skillfully designed and build this detailed interactive sculpture, creating a canvas for Brad Rhadwood, Caro Caro, and Nathaniel to magically transform the inside with wild woody creatures. An amazing projection map crew spectacularly expressed at night on the outside of this temple for everyone’s delight. This was our first ever team effort large scale installation. this build took 3 weeks, then 2 weeks to completely paint the inside. we worked with whatever wood was on the land and shaped it to what you see! An art piece inside and out…and an experience many will never forget.


  1. Hi Christopher! Absolutely superb!!
    But I do have questions … Are the 3 images and their respective palettes/designs the result of digital manipulation, actual light and
    paint applications or suggestions as to how a project like this might be finished? How, in fact , did you finish the exterior of the Cat Chapel? And what did you paint inside? Just wall colour or symbols, images …etc. Thanks for taking the time to answer … I’m in East Sooke and got to your website via Craig Turney’s, Cheers, Dianna

    1. We should definitely add pictures of the interior! See for an idea of what the inside looks like. The outside was projection mapped at night. The exterior was clear coated and partially painted white and burned for the black!

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