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  1. Hi Kyle
    I love your work in Intarsia.
    I am on a committee that is in the process of finding artists that would be interested in displaying/ selling their work at the MALVERN RETREAT HOUSE annual Art show which is from Wednesday Jan. 30 to Sunday Feb. 3.
    I realize you are far away but wanted to touch base and see your interest level. It is a Juried show, that displays high quality works of all kinds and I think you would be a welcome addition this year.
    Here’s the deal… every year there is a focus room in the show. This year the focus is on WATER IN ALL ITS FORMS.
    Your droplet in cedar is very cool as well as sea animals and water related foul. Get back to me and let me know if you are interested please. You could also text me at 610-842-6513.
    Please look up the show and you will see the kinds of work that are there. It is held in Malvern, Pennsylvania and we have artists represented that work in all media.
    I hope to hear back from you and hear your thoughts.
    With pleasure,
    Claire Saponaro
    [email protected]
    *Retired HS Art teacher of 34 years/ Stained Glass Artist. ☺️

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