Rising From the Ashes

Artist(s): Willow WoodSmith (Wood Elf)

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  1. Hi Andy
    I met Brad at Rainbow and had a geez at what you’re all up to
    Love your work mate , hope to meet you one day

  2. Hi Andy .
    I am a retired Canadian lady who winters inMesa, AZ and has done intarsia for over 15 years and love it. I really like your work and was wondering if you sell any patterns. I would love to do “Rising from the ashes” .I like the challenge of it. You also have a lot of items that I would love to attempt. Please let me know as I’m starting ty decide what my next project will be. I only work on my intarsia projects while I’m down here from November to end of March. Some reply would be much appreciated. Thank you. SUSAN MUGLESTON

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