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  1. I am blown away by the cog native piece , it is inspiring , furthermore only a few pieces of art can touch me the way my first mature entheogen experience has and so far your has taken the myco cake , or has put the Sci in front of Sci phylode,
    Rather than be jealous you have inspired me to clean out a corner in my basement and asemble my wood shop , I always have had a desire / starvation for creativity using clay I have toiled using this method that involves creating pieces only using both hands simultaneously and symmetrically mirroring each movement that I make with one hand the other shall follow , this technique has allowed me to create life like creatures and charters unfortunately life has taken control for the past 13 years and u have given all my pieces away to friends and family otherwise I’d have pics of my clay friends to share , any how I am interested in cog native and wondering if it is for sale or if you only sell kits ? please let me
    know I have a wonderful place and home for your creation , I am a father of four , and I am instilling as much of my creative juices as possible into these children of mine , outside of my literal creation juice that distilled in my wife to create these masterpiecepeople’s. I hope u get a chukle out of that last line and I hope you and your family are all doing as great as possible
    And I wish you faster than light speed travel through hyperspace into an infinate wisdom dimension of light love and laughter ,

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